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Jay Turner, On-Demand Training

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That Lady Just Threw a Book at My Face!  (Or, How to Handle Upset Customers and Disruptive Behavior Without Breaking a Sweat)

Let’s face it: working in a public library is not always sunshine, rainbows, and sparkly unicorns.  Inevitably, there will be occasions when you are confronted by a customer who is extremely dissatisfied with some aspect of his/her library experience, or you will have to intervene and stop disruptive behaviors, such as loud cell phone conversations or someone bathing in the bathroom sink.  These situations can be uncomfortable and downright intimidating, but armed with the proper techniques you can overcome these challenges with aplomb.  Join Jay Turner in this no-holds-barred, interactive workshop designed to help staff members like you:

Duration: 2 hours
Presentation style: blend of lecture, discussion, and role play
Audience: All public services staff

7 Deadly Sins of Time Management

Time management is not a particularly sexy or exciting topic, but it is one that is necessary for library staff to frequently consider in their never-ending pursuit of providing the best service to customers.  This workshop eschews detailed discussions of using task list and calendars, and focuses instead on a holistic approach to managing your workload.  Jay Turner serves as your guide on the side in this workshop that will challenge you to escape time management hell by:

Duration: 2 hours
Presentation style: some lecture, significant self-reflection, and group activities
Audience: All

Future Forward: Benefits and Best Practices of Professional Development

Libraries intrinsically recognize the value of learning and professional development for staff, but in today’s era of shrinking budgets and limited time, many libraries do not have the resources to implement a formal training and development program at an organizational level.  In this presentation, Jay Turner discusses the value of learning as a competitive advantage and shares insights into developing staff when there is little time and no money.
Duration: 45 minutes
Presentation style: lecture
Audience: administrators, supervisors

Teambuilding for High Performance

Are you a member of a newly-formed team, a team at odds, or just looking to reinvigorate your current team?  If so, then we have the right workshop for you.  In Teambuilding for High Performance, Jay Turner will guide your group through a series of exercises and discussion geared toward highlighting and reinforcing crucial aspects of teamwork, such as communication, collaboration, sharing vision, and exercising personal leadership. 
Duration: Variable, up to 2 hours
Presentation style: mostly group activities and discussion
Audience: All
A team is more than a group of people working together in a branch or department.  A team is more than a few folks being pulled together to tackle a project.  A team is an engaged group of individuals who combine their talents to accomplish a common purpose.  

Building Effective Teams One Person at a Time

As libraries contend with reduced staffing levels, many leaders are putting together teams of their best and brightest to handle special projects and strategic initiatives.  On one hand, this can be an exciting time for employees to stretch beyond the comfort of their daily work tasks and contribute to the library in more meaningful ways.  Conversely, this can be a harrowing experience for all involved if the team dynamic never fully materializes and the group becomes mired in mediocrity because of infighting and poor leadership.  In this workshop, Jay Turner discusses how to nurture teams with a blend of emotional intelligence and solid leadership.  Walk away from this session with a better understanding of team roles, group norms, and leadership behaviors to exhibit to ensure the success of your team.
Duration: 1.5 hours
Presentation style: blend of lecture and discussion
Audience: supervisors

YouTube for Content Creators

Did you know that YouTube attracts over 2 billion views and that users have uploaded more content to YouTube in the last 60 days than the three major television networks have broadcast in 60 years?  Yes, YouTube is a big deal, and as a stalwart in social media, it can provide your library with another avenue for educating, informing, and entertaining your customer base.  This hands-on lab is designed to help you transition away from being a media consumer on YouTube to someone who creates content for this medium.  Jay Turner will show the ropes, and by the end of class, you will be able to:

Duration: 3 hours
Presentation style: hands-on lab
Audience: All

Bite-Sized Video for Libraries

As we become a more visually-oriented society, libraries are ramping up their use of video to engage their staffs and customers alike.  This customizable, hands-on lab can give you a crash course on free and cost-effective tools that are available for editing live video, screen casting, and creating machinima and animated avatars.  Learning outcomes will be developed to fit your library’s unique needs.
Duration: Variable, up to 3 hours
Presentation style: hands-on lab
Audience: All

Ask SME Anything

Do you need a presentation, workshop, or keynote for something not on the list?  Jay can occasionally create custom content for your organization’s needs given ample advanced notice.  He is a SME (subject matter expert, to use the term extremely loosely) in the following areas: