Children's Programming

Selected materials available for loan from Georgia Public Library Service (PINES policy name STATELIB-L; OCLC WorldShare ILL symbol GSL)

Book talks

Cole, Sonja. 2010. Booktalking around the world: great global reads for ages 9-14. Santa Barbara, Calif: Libraries Unlimited.

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Readers’ theater

Fredericks, Anthony D. 2008. More frantic frogs and other frankly fractured folktales for readers theatre. Westport, Conn: Teachers Idea Press.

Fredericks, Anthony D. 2008. Songs and rhymes readers theatre for beginning readers. Westport, Conn: Teachers Ideas Press.


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Folktale and story collections:

Almeida, Livia de, Ana Portella, and Margaret Read MacDonald. 2006. Brazilian folktales. Westport, Conn: Libraries Unlimited.

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Storytime and other programming resources and ideas

Anderson, Dee. 2009. Reading is funny!: motivating kids to read with riddles. Chicago: American Library Association.

Balkin, Alfred. 2009. Tune up to literacy: original songs and activities for kids. Chicago: American Library Association.

Bane, Rebecca C. 2010. Let's pretend: 50 start-to-finish preschooler programs for the busy librarian that foster imagination. New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers.

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