Local Holdings Offline Product Now Available

Individual libraries can order a tab delimited file of all of the local holdings (formerly referred to as "serials union list" or "local data" records) they currently have in WorldCat from the OCLC website.  Once produced the tab delimited file will be available for download from the Product Services Web and can be imported into a spreadsheet package. If your library has more than 20,000 local holdings records, multiple files will be provided with up to 20,000 records in each file. There is no charge for this report.

This new product is a replacement for the Serials Union List Offline Product that was formerly supplied by OCLC. Unlike the old product which had order deadlines, the Local Holdings Offline Product (LHOP) can be ordered at any time. Currently delivery time for new orders is projected to be three weeks but this time frame is expected to decrease once initial orders have been filled.

A Quick Reference guide is available online and covers the order process, how to download the file, and information on how to import the file into Microsoft Office Excel.

For GOLD members following compliance procedures who need a current offline list of your institution's serials local holding records to edit before making changes via the Connexion Browser then this is a good no-cost option.

If you have questions please contact OCLC Consultative Services at consult-svcs@oclc.org.