ACH Program Details

Georgia Online Database (GOLD) Offers Automatic Fund Transfer of Quarterly Interlibrary Lending Reimbursement Payments 

In April 2007 the GOLD membership was introduced to a new form of automatic transfer (Memo #07-ACH) allowing for direct deposit/ACH of a member’s quarterly interlibrary lending reimbursement from the Georgia Board of Regents Business Service Office to a library’s individual bank account.  Historically member libraries had only been able to receive this funding in the form of a physical check issued each quarter and sent through the mail.  

This reimbursement program rewards loans made exclusively to other GOLD member libraries. Each quarter, any member library who loans 10 or more items to other GOLD libraries, earns a return on their investment of $1.50 per item. The Quarterly periods are July-Sept, Oct-Dec, Jan-March, and Apr-June. A list of the current quarter’s reimbursement activity can be found in the GOLD area of the GPLS website.   

If your library did not sign up last year for the electronic fund transfer authorization and/or you institution is a new GOLD member wishing to set this up then please use a GOLD member web form to securely submit account details as well as Library and Financial contact persons.  You will receive confirmation of your submission and your account will be tested before the first reimbursement payment. 

If you have questions please contact Toni Zimmerman, Resource Sharing Director, GPLS/GOLD.