Guidelines for using Youth Services Listservs (CHLIB-l and YASVS-l)

The GPLS listservs post messages to and from people working in Georgia's public libraries with children, families, and teens. Please do not submit messages unless you are reasonably certain your message is of professional interest to Children’s and Teen Services library staff.

Think before you post. Do you really want to say this to the entire listserv? Reread what you wrote. Did it really say what you intended it to? Once a message is sent, it can’t be retrieved.

Be careful when replying to the author of a list message. Always reply directly to the sender rather than the entire list (unless the whole listserv needs the information).

Include a descriptive subject line in each posting. Include your name, library system, and your email address (e-signature) at the end of your message.

If you find yourself repeatedly exchanging postings with an individual on the listserv, consider if the exchange would be best continued off the listserv (even if it is youth services related).

Please Refrain from Posting:

Other Considerations:

Participation is strongly encouraged! Your ideas are important. Georgia has a great reputation for providing excellent library service. Everyone should feel comfortable using the listservs in an appropriate manner. Please do not hesitate to email or call the director of youth services with any listserv questions, comments, or concerns: or (404) 235-7127.