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What We've Learned: Tips & Tricks for Webinars That Deliver The Goods


Staff of the Nebraska Library Commission have either attended, produced, or delivered more than 500 webinars in the past decade and they'd like to encourage others to try out this communications platform. In this episode, NLC staff Christa Burns, Laura Johnson, and Michael Sauers will share many of the lessons they've learned over the years about how to produce, host, and deliver successful webinars.


Accelerate Performance Experience on the Job: Fast, Effective and Low-Cost Methods


Why is experience the ultimate best teaching model?

Why do we miss out on opportunities for improving performance through experience?

Collaborative Flipped Instruction


Participatory learning tools like social media and/or learning management systems can strengthen instructional partnerships between classroom teachers and school librarians.

Bozarthzone! E-learning on a Shoestring


Sure, E-learning solutions can provide enormous savings, but start-up and design costs can be prohibitive. Join Jane Bozarth, author of E-learning Solutions on a Shoestring, to explore examples of inexpensive – even free! – e-learning solutions.

Video Instruction in K-12


Feel overwhelmed? Pulled in too many directions? Supposed to be in more than one place at once?

Try video instruction!

Bozarthzone! Instructional Design for the Real World



Join in for a fast, fun tour of quick tools and tricks that will support rapid instructional design, cut to the hear of needs analysis, and improve communication with subject matter experts and managers and others requestion training solutions.



The Research Process


With or without the Common Core, there is a renewed focus on inquiry in K-12 education. Students are expected to demonstrate proficiency in research skills, but they seldom have a clear understanding of how to grow their learning - how to shift from superficial, fact-finding overviews, to deep, targeted, and detailed evidence collection.

Going Global With Virtual Instructor-Led Training: Bucking Tradition (And Myth)


Most virtual instructor-led training today follows the traditional footprint of 60 minutes. Popular belief is that anything longer means you will lose your audience and that people are too busy to devote any more time than that.

Teacher Evaluation: Assessing Students to Demonstrate Learning


School librarians have been caught in the new wave of teacher evaluation reform. Defining and measuring student learning outcomes presents new challenges and new opportunities.

In this session, participants will examine assessment tools, review smart goals, and explore ways to use assessment to inform alibrary program instruction.



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