Parents in Public Libraries: Moving from parent involvement to parent engagement and empowerment


Parents come to our libraries every day for our collections, programs and services. They bring their children to the library, participate in programs specifically geared for parents like early literacy classes, and sometimes are involved in other ways like volunteering.

Disaster Response Q&A


Once a disaster strikes, the knee-jerk reaction is to rush in and save everything, but racing in without advance planning puts collections at risk of more damage and staff at risk of injury.

After Disasters: Salvage and Recovery in Small to Mid-Sized Museums and Libraries


Understanding the components of disaster response is key in successful recovery of collections of any type, size, and budget. This webinar will show professionals and volunteers the steps needed to save effectively collections, including:

Turn on a Dime: Changing Your Library on a Limited Budget


In an age of dwindling budgets and rising expectations, librarians must constantly be on the lookout for inexpensive ways to improve their libraries. This three-part interactive workshop will equip librarians with inventive strategies for enhancing their library’s atmosphere at minimal to no cost.

Learning goals:

Responding to a Budget Crisis


Learn how to develop a campaign for your library in a budget crisis from a group that fought for an additional $3.8 million for their library system. Find out how to work with the media, get publicity, find creative ways to campaign, and more.

Emergency Preparedness Webinar


Do you have the attitude of some of the characters in Munchkin County in the current MCR game-Librarians in the Wonderful Land of Ox - that "houses falling from the sky: never will happen to me!"?


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