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Discover National Library of Medicine Resources and More: Health Services Research - NLM Resources for Health Quality, Costs and Access


The National Library of Medicine (NLM) offers a suite of resources to assist you in research related to health quality, costs, and access. These resources are maintained by NLM’s National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR). Join us for an overview of three key websites, and learn how they can help fulfill your research needs.

Works in Progress Webinar: Linked Open Data for Digitized Special Collections


This Webinar will be of interest to catalogers, metadata librarians and curators of digitized special collections seeking models for making their digital collections more visible to Linked Open Data services and better connected to related resources on the Semantic Web.


Why Use Google Books?


Do your students need primary resources for a history project? Are the genealogists in your community trying to verify where an ancestor worked or lived between censuses? Is a local author writing a book set in 1908 searching for authentic details to include about work and leisure pursuits?

Join us for a discussion on using the free resources in Google Books for these types of research projects and mor

Genealogy Essentials: Helping Patrons Search for Family Roots


This webinar will teach library staff how to assist patrons with genealogical questions, using, a leading genealogy resource.

Research Impact Metrics for Librarians: Calculation & Context


Do you know what the h-index is, but wonder how it varies among disciplines? Are you curious about metrics beyond the Impact Factor to assess journal quality?

Works in Progress Webinar: Visualizing Library Services – Case Studies from Ohio State and Yale


This webinar will be of interest to those looking to think about new ways to use data, and those interested in thinking about the impact and future of library services.

Health Literacy Online


Want to simplify the user experience online? Of course you do! Join us as we cover highlights from the second edition of Health Literacy Online, a research-based guide with practical tips for creating easy-to-use health websites and digital health information tools.

Copyright services at universities


It happens more often than you think.  One day your administrator tells you that you are the Library’s copyright librarian.  But why? You are not an expert on copyright law…but you soon will become one when you seek the advice and best practices of copyright librarian veterans.  This month’s webinar is back by popular demand!

Shepard's--Legal Research


 Shepard’s is an extremely important part of legal research. Once you have found a case that is relevant to your research, you must verify that it is still good law. The webinar will cover the features and benefits of using Shepard's on-line. This webinar is only 30 minutes.

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Discover National Library of Medicine Resources and More: Resources for Community Colleges


Did you know that 1 out of 14 people with a bachelor’s degree attend community college seeking new careers, especially in health care? Community colleges offer numerous degrees and certificate programs in nursing and allied health, and work closely with high schools to encourage students to pursue careers in health care.  

Librarian’s Guide to Trade Data, Part 3 – U.S. International Trade Administration


A live training webinar, "Librarian’s Guide to Trade Data, Part 3 – U.S. International Trade Administration,” will be presented.

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Diets, Textiles, and Electricity: Records that Impacted the Domestic Lives of Americans


Pamela Anderson highlights records available through the National Archives at Kansas City, including those that impacted or improved the domestic lives of American citizens

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Educate & Engage: The Parent-Teacher Conference


 Local Portland area school districts are partnering to host Educate & Engage 2016: The Parent-Teacher Conference -- offering parents an opportunity to hear from teachers about the roles and implications of technology both in and out of today's modern classroom. Colette & Miranda's session is about helping parents help their children with research and accessing databases.

Social Security Express – The Latest from the Social Security Administration


Have you kept up with the latest news and developments from the Social Security Administration? Have you heard about Social Security Express? Are you aware of the Desktop Icon project?

Discover National Library of Medicine Resources and More: Genetics Information Resources


Genes are amazing! Did you know that only 1% of our DNA is unique? You are 99% identical to everyone on the planet! But slight variations in our genes can predispose us to certain diseases and conditions. In fact, nearly all diseases or medical conditions have a genetic component (except trauma), and many drugs don’t work the same due to an individual’s genetic differences in drug metabolic pathways.

Digital Literacy Training Tutorials for Libraries


Libraries are an integral part of digital inclusion and technology training in communities across the United States. and are two resources that provide free digital literacy and technology training tutorials that can be used by library staff to assist patrons.

The National Agricultural Library: Agricultural Information for the 21st Century


This webinar was previously scheduled for February 16, 2016. If you are already registered for the February 16 webinar, you do not need to re-register. Current registrants received an email about the date change. Register, Find, and Apply


Participants will learn how to register in order to submit Federal grant applications and how to use the Federal system to find and apply for grant funding.

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Breezing Along with the RML: Diagnostic Error and Cost Impact of Librarian Methodology


Two staff members from the RML or guests will present information on goals, activities, accomplishments, or resources. We may ask about your experiences or your opinions. We may encourage you to take action, offer a new service, or try a new technology. Every month will be different.

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