Nuts & Bolts (and Bricks!): Library Elections Primer for Operating and Building Projects


Renovating your library?

Building a new branch?

Or just need operating revenue to keep pace with current service?

In this session, we will share the basic tools, as well as the legal and industry framework needed to successfully plan and administer your library election.

The Irresistible Library: Renovate and Rejuvenate!


How can we transform our learning spaces into irresistible, future-forward environments that meet the multiple needs of our modern learners? How can we create flexible, open and appealing spaces with varying budgets? 

Makerspaces in Libraries: Legal Considerations


Your community is supercharged about the new makerspace planned for your library. All systems are full speed ahead, and the staff is ready. But wait. Have you considered all the issues? For instance,

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