Going Digital


Join us for a one hour free webinar that briefly introduces the critical components of digital content creation and collection development.

This webinar will be presented by two of the following LYRASIS professionals.

How to Deploy a 1:1 iPad Program in Education


So your school is about to launch an iPad program, and you’re not sure where to start?

CopyTalk on international trade treaty




What does a trade agreement have to do with libraries and copyright?

Expert Krista Cox who has traveled the world promoting better policies for the intellectual property chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) will enlighten us at our next CopyTalk webinar.

Navigating the World of Donated and Discounted Technology


Did you know that more than $1 billion in technology services, software, and hardware is donated each year to support social causes around the world? Hundreds of donated or discounted technology products are available for nonprofits, whether desktop software, computer equipment, accounting packages, network hardware, or cloud-based tools.

Discover National Library of Medicine Resources and More: K12 Resources


National Library of Medicine Resources for K-12 educators, students and parents.  Presented by Dana Abbey, Colorado/Health Information Literacy Coordinator.

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Who Done It? And Who Figured it Out? The NLC Booktalks Mysteries


Books that fall within the mystery category take up a goodly share of the fiction shelf space in public libraries. It seems that sooner or later, most active readers read mysteries. Within the genre, there’s just about something for everyone - romantic mystery, historical mystery, cozy, hardboiled, detectives professional and non from all walks of life, and even some non-human - mysteries run the gamut. And the readers can’t get enough of their favorite detective series.

Places that Serve Us Well Every Day, Serve Us Best When Disaster Strikes


Well poised to disseminate public information, libraries have served as emergency shelters, cooling centers during heat waves, sites for blood drives and inoculations, and a place to fill out electronic relief forms. Libraries have the infrastructure to serve as a health information services portal to emergency responders, the public health workforce, patients, and consumers during disaster.

Behind the Scenes: SLJ In Conversation with Top Children’s Book Editors


Join Kiera Parrott, SLJ’s review editor, for a conversation with three storied children’s book editors, Neal Porter of Roaring Brook Press, Sheila Barry of Groundwood Books, and Kathy Dawson of Penguin.

Documents to the Children, K-5


There are many resources available for older students, but what is available for younger children? This webinar is a general introduction to educational resources for educators and students. Find out which Federal agencies have the best resources on art, culture, reading, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects.

TL News Night


News Night is a LIVE show presented in news show format featuring a Wrap up of “This Month in School Libraries” and deeper discussion of topical school library issues with special guest experts.

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The Necessity of Joy


Joy allows healing, because it removes the stress of grief and pain. Joy displaces anger, because in the joyful moment, we grab the hand of our enemy so they can join us in the dance. How do we model Joy for the people we love? Joy, that over-the-edge state of physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual transcendence, is where we forget ourselves, which means we forget our limits.

Managing Mobile: Library Device Checkout Made Easy


Are you starting to check out devices like e-readers, tablets, and laptops? Making devices available for public use may seem challenging and overwhelming. However, the right combination of technology, organization, and policies can help your library create a popular checkout program that your patrons will love.

LLAMA Thought Leaders Series: Jason Griffey


Join the Library Leadership & Management Association for a conversation with Jason Griffey as part of LLAMA Thought Leaders: A Free Series of Conversational Webinars Highlighting Innovative ideas and practices.

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