Above and Beyond: Developing a Culture of Organizational Citizenship


In this webinar, learn what it means to develop a healthy organizational culture, based on the concepts of organizational citizenship behavior.

Works in Progress Webinar: Linked Open Data for Digitized Special Collections


This Webinar will be of interest to catalogers, metadata librarians and curators of digitized special collections seeking models for making their digital collections more visible to Linked Open Data services and better connected to related resources on the Semantic Web.


Producing Linked Data


Ready to harness the power of linked data but don’t know where to start? 

Introducing Learning Circles: Online Learning, Offline


In this webinar, hear how to facilitate study groups, or Learning Circles, for people who want to take online courses together, in-person.

Learning Circles offer a solution to the isolation of online learning by creating study groups for learners who want to take their online courses together, in-person.

Make, Do, Share: Build a STEM Learning Community


A webinar presenting a ready-to-use system that empowers libraries of all sizes to become community STEM leaders.

Incubate Creativity at Your Library


In this webinar, Library as Incubator Project shares program and project ideas, resources and case studies to turn your library into a creativity incubator.

Supervisor Success: Development Programs That Work


This online symposium is offered in collaboration with ALA's Learning Round Table and will focus on the development of supervisors in libraries.

Purposeful Innovation: Idea Management for Libraries


In this webinar, learn the "what" and "why" and "how" of idea management, and hear examples and lessons learned from Sno-Isle Libraries.

2016 Knight News Challenge on Libraries


This webinar will explore the future of libraries and potential ideas for the second Knight News Challenge on Libraries.

Explore and Discover: Nature-Based Spaces and Activities at your Library


A webinar on library programming that encourages children to explore, discover and connect with nature.

Community Engagement: Serving Diverse Communities Where They Are


In this webinar, learn how to provide inclusive outreach to and engagement with members of your local community.

Enhancing Your Library's Web Presence with WordPress


This webinar will provide practical steps for creating, maintaining, and enhancing a WordPress website without technical expertise.

Works in Progress Webinar: “I am the content.” How and why instructors discover and share course readings


Join this webinar to learn how the faculty experience of discovery and its roots in self-identity suggest ways libraries may influence their selections.

Finding and Training Volunteer Technology Instructors


This webinar will provide strategies for recruiting, training and retaining skilled volunteers who can help increase digital literacy skills in small and rural communities.

Public Health and Public Libraries: Librarians as Health Literacy First Responders


A webinar exploring health-related outreach, programming, training, and funding so that your library can improve the health literacy of your community.

MAY PICK! Beyond Book Groups: Fun Library Programs for Adult Readers


This webinar will inspire you with new book-related programming ideas to engage adult readers in your community.

Think outside the book group!

12 Ways to More Effective Marketing


Marketing in libraries is often an afterthought rather than a priority embedded in planning. But times are changing! Community members now have more choices for books, information, entertainment and assistance. Don’t let your library become invisible due to perceived lack of time, money or marketing savvy.


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