Makerspaces in Libraries: Legal Considerations


Your community is supercharged about the new makerspace planned for your library. All systems are full speed ahead, and the staff is ready. But wait. Have you considered all the issues? For instance,

Social Media and Volunteer Engagement


Volunteer engagement is changing. What do you need to know about social media as a volunteer program manager? How can you use social media to promote your volunteer opportunities and recruit volunteers?

Chapter-level Metadata and the Future of eBook Research


As the world of academic scholarship moves from the page to online, more and more research now happens at the chapter-level. The parsing of content, the need for it to be easily searchable, with accurate and complete results, is paramount to meeting the demands placed by researchers and students.

Getting Started with Grants: Make Your Requests Shine



As a nonprofit, diversifying your funding sources is imperative to the livelihood of your mission. While Network for Good has you covered for all things online fundraising, to support your quest for grant "rockstar-dom" we've called for the ultimate reinforcement!

Objective Overruled


If you are still finding yourself writing learning objectives that contain the words “understand” or “know,” then object to those objectives and invest an hour honing your objective writing skills!

How Do Our Students Learn?: A Cognitive Psychological Model for Information Literacy Instruction


Effective student-centered pedagogy requires understanding how students learn, and tailoring our instruction accordingly. This webinar is designed to introduce teaching librarians to the cognitive science of learning and its potential to improve information literacy instruction.

Writing Accurate and Useful Volunteer Position Descriptions


A good position description can make the recruitment and placement of volunteers so much easier, but this foundation component of a program is often overlooked or put into a folder and never used. 

BozarthZone! Nuts and Bolts of Social Media


This session will cover basics of creating and sustaining community via social media tools. Rather than theory, participants will walk away with an understanding of how to implement and utilize these applications.
Briefly, we will look at several popular social media tools, such as blogs, wikis, Facebook and Twitter, then basics of using these tools for:

Mobile Impact 401: Mobile Tech for Offices & People

Join the experts for a free webinar to discuss how your office can leverage phones, tablets, and hotspots for social good. Learn how to craft a BYOD (bring your own device) policy, set up a virtual office, cut the wire to work from anywhere, and adopt remote work strategies to support your cause and staff.

The Kid and Teen-Friendly Library


Children and teenagers are a crucial group of patrons for any public library. On the next episode of American Libraries Live, we'll discuss how we can effectively get them into the library and involved with library programs and services.

10 Things Your Nonprofit Website Needs in 2014


Your organization's website is critical to your success. It's the place to tell the world about your mission and motivate visitors to take action - whether it's making a donation or signing up for your services. For many organizations, it's difficult to know where to start. What do you do next with your website and how do you manage it?


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