Going Global With Virtual Instructor-Led Training: Bucking Tradition (And Myth)


Most virtual instructor-led training today follows the traditional footprint of 60 minutes. Popular belief is that anything longer means you will lose your audience and that people are too busy to devote any more time than that.

Teacher Evaluation: Assessing Students to Demonstrate Learning


School librarians have been caught in the new wave of teacher evaluation reform. Defining and measuring student learning outcomes presents new challenges and new opportunities.

In this session, participants will examine assessment tools, review smart goals, and explore ways to use assessment to inform alibrary program instruction.


Get Mobile-Ready for Year-End


There are now more cell phones than toothbrushes, and as of last year, smartphones surpassed regular phone sales by leagues. How can your non profit use mobile for good, especially as it relates to your crucial end of year fundraising efforts?


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