Is Your Program Ready and Safe for Emergencies? Protecting Young Children Before, During and After the Unimaginable Happens

Wednesday, August 6, 2014 - 2:30pm


Disasters can strike anywhere at any time, and when they do children are the most vulnerable victims. Each work day 68 million children are in child care or school, where parents assume they are safe, yet the 28 states and DC lack minimum standards for protecting children in these facilities. What’s more,  less than half of American families have an emergency plan, leaving our littlest citizens unprotected.

As child-serving professionals, you are leaders in child safety every day and likely first responders should disaster strike. Join this webinar, presented by Sarah Thompson and Paul Myer from Save the Children’s Get Ready Get Safe  program, to learn how we can prepare our communities to protect children in disasters. Learn about the unique needs of children in emergency situations as well as key guidance in creating emergency plans, fostering preparedness education to the children and families, and communicating with families before, during and after disasters strike. This session will also provide an overview of Save the Children’s free preparedness training and resources available for you and your staff.

Training Hours: