Measuring Program Outcomes: A Toolkit for Small Libraries

Tuesday, May 3, 2016 - 2:00pm


Public libraries offer vital services to the community that provide opportunities for education, lifelong learning, literacy, digital skills, workforce development, and youth development. In order to gain and retain funding, libraries should have data to support their stories of success and positive impact on the lives of community members. Outcome measurement is a process which provides libraries with data that can be used for advocacy, programming decisions, and planning, so the library can communicate clearly and make improvements to programs and services.  Outcome measurement can be a big undertaking, but a new toolkit has been developed to help libraries easily and effectively survey patrons to learn the true impact of their programs.

This free webinar will provide an overview of outcome measurement from Project Outcome, a new program from the Public Library Association, that provides simple tools so libraries can measure programs across seven common service areas. This webinar is specifically aimed toward small and rural libraries interested in getting started with outcome measurement, but libraries of all sizes are welcome to attend. Learn how Project Outcome provides simple tools to collect data that can be used to evaluate and improve programs and services in your library. Attendees will hear from the Calvert Library (Prince Frederick, MD), where Project Outcome has been used to measure their summer reading and lifelong learning programs.

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