Emerging Technology Trends and the Library: The Future is Now

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 - 2:00pm


Robots, drones and virtual reality … it sounds like we are living in the future, but this new technology is available here and now! Learn about the newest trends in library technology for 2016 and discover simple and budget-friendly ways to bring them to your library today. 

Come learn about the emerging trends that will flourish in schools, homes and libraries in 2016. Discover e-health technology like fitness trackers or a mobile ECG that can fit in your pocket. Explore simple, quick and inexpensive ways to introduce coding and STEAM education into classrooms and children’s programming. Learn about how you can take your community on a realistic field trip, right from their library! Find out how these new trends can make life easier, foster interactive learning and bring excitement and fun to your library staff and community.

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