Lessons Learned Establishing a Technology Makerspace

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 - 11:00am


The library is the intellectual crossroads of the university, a place where students come to research, explore, and discover. It was in this spirit that a new service - an Innovation Lab - was established during the Fall Quarter of 2015 in the John M. Pfau Library at California State University, San Bernardino.

The Innovation Lab is a technology-focused "Makerspace" for students that encourages creativity and inquiry, facilitates cross-disciplinary collaboration, and promotes true innovation. The ability to work hands-on with emerging technologies and rapidly prototype solutions gives students greater understanding of real-world problems. The lab is open to all CSUSB students regardless of discipline, skill set, or background. In addition, the lab is a safe space where students can learn to persevere in the face of failure - a skill central to lifelong learning and success in the 21st century.

Embarking on an innovative new service can be rife with pitfalls and obstacles. The presenter, former Head of Library Information Technology at CSU's Pfau Library, will share the logistics involved with planning, implementing and maintaining a makerspace. Technologies (3D scanning, printing, and modeling; CNC milling, Arduino, RaspberryPi), services (workshops, peer-to-peer tutoring), and policies will be discussed. He will also share mistakes as well as triumphs, and will address the lessons learned during the first year of operation.

Presenter: Jonathan Smith, Director for Library Technology, Sonoma (Calif.) State University.

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