Emerging Issues in Copyright and Intellectual Property for Public Libraries

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 - 2:00pm


Copyright issues may be familiar territory to those working in academic libraries, but a discussion of copyright and intellectual property is not as common in the public library setting. Although it seems to play a background role in the services that public libraries perform, copyright law gives public libraries the legal standing to perform traditional services such as lending books. As public libraries begin to expand these traditional services to embrace digitization and makerspaces, for example, a thorough review of copyright will provide valuable insight into possible issues they may face.

This session will begin with a discussion of copyright law, especially where it directly mentions the services that public libraries provide. This discussion will also include a review of fair use and its relation to copyright. Next, the session will investigate how public libraries can approach copyright and other intellectual property issues through best practices as they offer new technologies and services such as makerspaces, digitization, and assistive devices.

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