LibERate the Telecommunications Act of 1996! Making E-Rate Make Sense

Thursday, March 3, 2016 - 2:00pm


We’ve all heard about the massive changes to E-rate over the last couple of years. As we’re in the midst of filing for the 2016–2017 year, there are some changes that you don’t want to miss. You have probably heard there is less money for telephone services this year. Don’t let that get you down! It just means there’s even more money to support broadband access and connectivity. Since we have a legacy of providing access to information to the public that dates back to earliest days of our national independence, we also know that we often have historical, beautiful buildings that had no way to predict the cabling and WiFi needs of today. The FCC wants to help us get past those and other obstacles, and improve our ability to keep our citizenry informed. In this free webinar OITP staff and guests will touch on E-rate as a program, but really delve into some tools you want to have handy when you’re filing this year—and in years to come!

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