Attorney General

Attorney General Opinion 2011-2, regarding TRS participation,2668,87670814_87670929_169864...

The above link is to the Attorney General's Opinion in 2011 regarding:

Regional and county library employees paid solely with local funds are required to be members of the Teachers Retirement System.

Georgia's Sunshine Laws - A Citizen's Guide to Open Government, Fourth Edition 2008

Georgia's Sunshine Laws

Georgia First Amendment Foundation

A Citizen's Guide to Open Government

Office of the Attorney General of Georgia
Thurbert E. Baker, Attorney General

in Cooperation with the Georgia First Amendment Foundation

Fourth Eition 2008

Attorney General - Memorandum on Open Records Act

The Attorney General has issued a memorandum regarding the application of the Open Records Act.

This memo has implications for each of us within the University System regarding our timely response to Open Records requests.