GOLD GALILEO 08 Conference Presentations

Twitters and Jitters in a "One World, One Library" Setting

Journal entry from a GOLD/GALILEO Users Group Advisory Committee Representative -- Conference Musings -- June 22, 2008.

-- Susan Stephens, Director, Chattooga County Library, Summerville, GA

While watching an exchange student upload her digital photographs to a Chinese social Web site at my library, I reflected on what she had told me about public libraries in her native Taiwan. My, how libraries have changed in the last 15 years -- not only locally but globally!

GOLD and GALILEO Celebrate Users First on August First - Let the Registration Begin!

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This year Georgia librarians can look forward to coming together as one,
as the GOLD/GALILEO Users Group Conference presents "One World One
Library: Working Together to Put the User First." In our zeal to embrace
a new collaborative style, we must aim for a single, user-centered
approach to service. Contributing to multiple user-experiences and
programs that earn the respect of our users is at the heart of our