Current Look

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A Current Look at Georgia's Public Libraries, FY 2012

"A Current Look at Georgia's Public Libraries and GPLS FY 2012 Data, Issued January 2013" is now available for download on the Public Library Info page of the GPLS website

A Current Look at Georgia's Public Libraries & GPLS, February 2008 -- Draft Copy

GPLS is pleased to provide this document. It is a current picture of both the state library administrative agency and the 59 public library systems of Georgia. In an effort to provide valid and reliable data, the document is released in a draft format to provide opportunity for edits or changes.

Please proof this document. If you find items that need editing, please contact Diana Very, Director of LSTA, Statistics and Research, with specific comments. Contact information for Diana is or 404-235-7156.

The deadline for submitting changes is March 10, 2008.