salary schedule

Official FY 2014 Salary Chart

State-Paid Professional Public Librarians Monthly Salary Schedule for FY 2014

Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, GPLS

* No Step increases on September 1, 2012

* No Salary increases on January 1, 2013

* Directors ‐ receive a $75 per month supplement

* Assistant Directors ‐ receive a $50 per month supplement

* Hired Date for purposes of this chart is equivalent to date last "enrolled" in state paid position.

* New State‐Paid Enrollees will have 3 years deducted from experience, resulting from 3 years without step raises.

FY08 Salary Schedule

The FY08 salary schedule has been posted on the GPLS website at this URL:

You can find a link to this at the bottom of the GPLS Jobs in Libraries page.