Not Borrowed or Blue but Something New - Resource Exchange At the GOLD/GALILEO Conference 2007

Resource Exchange
At The GOLD/GALILEO Annual User’s Group Conference 2007- August 3, 2007

In the spirit of resource sharing, we are encouraging participants of this year's GOLD/GALILEO Conference to share examples of the various user education resource tools employed in their libraries. Resource examples include a wide variety of materials and can exist in many formats, including teaching and finding aids, promotional flyers and pamphlets, digital resources, customized library wikis and blogs, and bibliographic instruction materials.

Story Published July 1 2007 - New DLG Website: the Gainesville Tornado 1936

Merryll Pension provided the attached story published in the Gainesville Times about the debut of the new Digital Library of Georgia (DLG) Georgia HomePLACE Library project on the Gainesville Tornado of 1936. Very innovative and available to all Georgia public library users. Worth the read! I've attached a word document with the story to this announcement. -- Toni Z.


Merryll S. Penson
Executive Director, Library Services

Library Advocacy Tools from ProQuest

I encourage you to check out the online advocacy tools from ProQuest, available at

Included are templates that are easily adaptable to your local library system.

--David Singleton