Simple Advocacy TIps for 2009

The attachment to this post contains simple advocacy tips taken from one of the free Stephanie Vance advocacy webinars.

Tips include how to communicate with your legislators, how to find out about the current issues, and most importantly, how to determine who represents you (and contact information).

At the end of the summary, you will find links to additional sites, including training opportunities and links to more information on the 2009 Georgia Library Day and the ALA National Legislative Day.

Simple Advocacy Tips for Library Legislation Day and Beyond

The attachment to this post contains my short and sweet summary of a webinar sponsored by ALA on April 18, 2008: "ALA Legislative Day: What to Know Before You Participate"

The information presented in the webinar could be useful for all library staff and for many different occasions, not just National Legislative Day in May.

At the end of my summary, you will find links to additional sites.


Rural Library Materials

Attached is a copy of "A Small but Powerful GUIDE to Winning Big Support for Your Rural Library." This reflects the responses to stated advocacy needs of small rural librarians, with clearly stated strategies, for self-advocacy and resources with ALA and elsewhere.

It is the result of support from ALA members, members of the Association for Rural and Small Librarians (ARSL) and the Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services (ABOS), and others who responded to 1) a 2003 survey of advocacy needs and strategies, and 2) a solicitation for success stories from these same librarians.

Library Advocacy Tools from ProQuest

I encourage you to check out the online advocacy tools from ProQuest, available at

Included are templates that are easily adaptable to your local library system.

--David Singleton