GOLD/GALILEO Annual Users Group Conference

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Can't Get Enough of Your GOLD GALILEO Conference Presentation Proposals - Thursday April 1 Deadline

The GOLD and GALILEO Conference communities have built a well-earned reputation for quality breakout sessions through nearly 21 years of collaborative-sharing history. Help us continue that quest for excellence by submitting a presentation proposal by Thursday's deadline of April 1.

What a great time to demonstrate our collective library resolve and to showcase your individual talent!

For more details about submission and presentation ideas please review my original post:

Twitters and Jitters in a "One World, One Library" Setting

Journal entry from a GOLD/GALILEO Users Group Advisory Committee Representative -- Conference Musings -- June 22, 2008.

-- Susan Stephens, Director, Chattooga County Library, Summerville, GA

While watching an exchange student upload her digital photographs to a Chinese social Web site at my library, I reflected on what she had told me about public libraries in her native Taiwan. My, how libraries have changed in the last 15 years -- not only locally but globally!

GOLD and GALILEO Celebrate Users First on August First - Let the Registration Begin!

Registration for the 2008 GOLD/GALILEO Annual Users Group Conference
Opens TODAY! Explore and sign up at:

This year Georgia librarians can look forward to coming together as one,
as the GOLD/GALILEO Users Group Conference presents "One World One
Library: Working Together to Put the User First." In our zeal to embrace
a new collaborative style, we must aim for a single, user-centered
approach to service. Contributing to multiple user-experiences and
programs that earn the respect of our users is at the heart of our

Relive, Review, and Renew the Joy of Use Conference 2007

Presentations, handouts, and a specialized bibliography too...

All waiting to be explored from the Joy of Use to you!

-CLICK the links in the "Conference Box" for a cool collaboration clue

-to CONSIDER Library 2.0 and relive, review, and renew!


Sound-Off Georgia Libraries! - It's Your Turn

Your assessment of this conference will help GOLD and GALILEO plan for your future needs and your comments are very important to us - all 334 of you!

Got Library 2.0 Curiosity Georgia Libraries? Join Us in Athens on August 3rd to Find Out what It's All About!

It's curiouser and curiouser Georgia Libraries!

I'll bet the average library staff member did not know that Lewis
Carroll defined the social networking needs of our users as early as
1865. Listen to the opening words of his now classic work that expresses
Alice's no-nonsense attitude about "just plain text".

"Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the
bank, and of having nothing to do: once or twice she had peeped into the
book her sister was reading, but it had no pictures or conversations in

18 TH Annual GOLD GALILEO Users Group Conference Set for Athens in August

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Friday, August 3, 2007 (ATHENS)
“Library Collaboration 2.0: It’s All About the Joy of Use”
18th Annual GOLD/GALILEO User’s Group Conference

Registration Website:

Continuing Education Credits: 3.5 Contact Hours

Keynote Speaker: Diane Kresh, Director, Arlington County Public Library

PLACE: The University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education Conference
Center & Hotel

HOTEL ROOM BLOCK: Available until July 12, 2007