Not Borrowed or Blue but Something New - Resource Exchange At the GOLD/GALILEO Conference 2007

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Resource Exchange
At The GOLD/GALILEO Annual User’s Group Conference 2007- August 3, 2007

In the spirit of resource sharing, we are encouraging participants of this year's GOLD/GALILEO Conference to share examples of the various user education resource tools employed in their libraries. Resource examples include a wide variety of materials and can exist in many formats, including teaching and finding aids, promotional flyers and pamphlets, digital resources, customized library wikis and blogs, and bibliographic instruction materials.

A Resource Exchange table will be available in the foyer across from Master’s Hall Auditorium at the Conference Center for you to drop off physical materials (10-20 copies of each resource) and pick up materials left by others. If your material exists only in digital form then that's ok - just write a description of the source and/or provide web location information where it can be viewed by others and place that info on the table. There is no need to stay at the table, and you can feel free to browse anytime during the day.

To facilitate the ongoing usefulness of the Resource Exchange, we ask that you also email an electronic copy of your work to Mary Jane Rootes at . Mary Jane is a member of the current GOLD/GALILEO Users Group Advisory Committee and will facilitate the management of these materials for future web display if members enjoy this inaugural program. Resource Exchange materials emailed to Mary Jane will subsequently be available for download from the GOLD area of the GPLS website at

Thanks in advance for your participation; please let Mary Jane or any member of the GOLD/GALILEO Users Group Advisory Committee know if you have any questions or comments about this opportunity to share. Current contact information for all committee representatives can be found at:

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