Indeed, Mr. DeMille, GOLD and GALILEO are READY for their Close-up! - ATHENS IN AUGUST 2007

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Headline: Not-To-Be Missed Conference Event of the Season Approaches

It's hot! It's as sizzling as Georgia in the summertime - And it's time is now!

It's the 18th Annual GOLD/GALILEO Users Group Conference:

Library Collaboration 2.0: It's All About the Joy of Use!

Susan Lemme, Chair of the 2007 GOLD/GALILEO Users Group Advisory Committee, says "This year's conference is the best deal going for continuing education, keeping current on the changing world of information services and delivery, and networking with colleagues."

Friday, August 3rd in Athens is still a month away, but already the anticipation is mounting. This conference will make a difference in the way you manage Web 2.0 networking innovations and the library partnerships you have in place to support them. Be there to actively listen to the information seekers that are the voices behind this new digital lifestyle and learn new "real-world" ways to harness these tools and develop a Library 2.0 collaborative style of your own.

Georgia Libraries can actively engage in, evolve through and enjoy this process by going directly to their users. Learn to creatively respond to their ever-evolving needs, build new audiences and have fun along the way. All levels of staff from all types of Georgia Libraries can be part of this "marquee" experience. Be there and be treated by GOLD and GALILEO to a day that really is all about the Joy of Use.

No need to go shopping around for the perfect conference registration details, hotel accommodations, breakout session descriptions or at a glance highlights. Just point and click,

A block of rooms at special rates (ranging from $84-$94 plus 7% tax) are available for conference attendees at the connecting Georgia Center hotel until July 12, 2007. For those who need hotel accommodations please keep the JULY 12 deadline in mind.

Susan Lemme further urges,"check out the conference keynote address and breakout session descriptions" at:

She challenges you to narrow your choices to just three breakout sessions from the 12 sensational concurrent sessions that are sure to pique your interest. Keep these favorites in mind when you go to register for the conference event:

Please note the early registration discount and deadline (Just $30 until July 23rd). Special dietary needs can also be honored with early and advance registration.

We are ready, willing, and able to roll out the red carpet for you!

It is always a pleasure to be of service to Georgia Libraries - The G/G Users Group Advisory Committee

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