Programming Idea -- Drive-In Movie Night

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Thought I'd share this with the list:

We've held two "drive-in movie nights" in the last couple of months and they've been very successful. We use a standard dvd player on a laptop and project the film using an LCD projector. The screen is a large drop cloth we got on loan from the local Lowe's. We had guys from the City come over and help us put the screen up the day of the event. Patrons then bring their lawn chairs, blankets, etc. to sit and watch the film while we sell popcorn, snacks, etc.

The sound system is a 150w PA system with two large speaker cabinets. The equipment is going to be used for multiple events, including our Book Fair, but the total cost was under $2000 and it's already paid off tremendous dividends. We're located next to City Hall and the city had been extremely impressed and pleased by the drive-in movie nights.

Our first film was Back to the Future but this past week we showed A Night at the Museum, with the film starting at 9 pm on a Saturday night. We'll be doing another in August -- and the nice thing is that after the initial expense, each subsequent movie costs us virtually nothing as most of the food is donated by local businesses.

If anyone would like more details, please feel free to contact me.