PINNACLE information

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GPLS is pleased to announce the inaugural year of PINNACLE: Public library INstitute for New And Creative Leadership Education. PINNACLE has been designed to provide a unique and comprehensive training opportunity for the next generation of public library leaders in Georgia. The PINNACLE steering committee (David Singleton, Lyn Hopper, Julie Walker, Kathryn Ames and Greg Heid) has worked with the Carl Vinson Institute of Government to design a year-long curriculum, comprising a week-long kick-off retreat in November 2007, 8 monthly two-day sessions, and a wrap-up presentation at COMO 2008.

Nominations are now open for the first PINNACLE class. Twenty participants will be chosen for the class of 2008. Application materials are attached, including a reference form that must be completed by the applicant’s director, board chair or designee. The applicant’s library will be responsible for travel expenses for the 8 monthly sessions and the COMO wrap-up; expenses for the retreat will be covered by PINNACLE. Applicants are required to commit to attendance at all sessions. Session topics will include: Situational Leadership; Time Management; Analytical and Creative Problem Solving; PLA Planning Model; Financial Management and Performance Measures; Human Resource Management and Administrative Law; Managing Conflict and Group Dynamics; Ethics; Power; Best Practices in Library Leadership; Process Improvement; Project Coaching; Media Relations; Leadership in a Political Environment; Effective Presentations.

Application materials are due to GPLS by 5:00pm, May 29. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.