Local Publishing Plans

Just wanted to let all of you know about a potential source of revenue (and a public service to boot!). Last year we founded Old Capital Press, a local publishing press that has (so far) published Railroading in Milledgeville by Charles Brown, a new edition of Milledgeville: Georgia's Antebellum Capital by James Bonner and Yesterplace: Growing Up in Post World War II Georgia by Susan Lindlsey. Since October 2006 we have sold 678 books earning us a net profit of over $3000.00

We are using Lulu.com which means that we don't have pay the printer for anything except copies we actually buy from them, we can order only 1-2 copies at a time if we wish and we can purchase an ISBN to get it listed on amazon.com, etc. Our online store at lulu is:

The amount we make off each sale varies a bit from project to project. Basically, the more we charge, the more we'd make -- but the fewer sales we'd have. So we keep our cover prices relatively low. For Yesterplace, for example, the book has a cover price of $16.00 but the cost of printing each copy for us is $9.33 so we make a profit of $6.67 off each book that's sold through our online store. We've got four more books in the works before the end of the year -- two from local authors, one a history of our library system and one a compilation of the works of a local historian.

Contracts with the authors who come to us give them full copyright on their works but we get exclusive publishing rights for five years (at which time it can be renewed if both parties wish). We start off at a 50/50 split on profits (so the $6.67 we make off Yesterplace is actually 50% library, 50% Ms. Lindsley) but depending on the amount of formatting/editing we are expected to do, the breakdowns change. For one upcoming book, the library will get 80% of profits because of all the work we're doing on the book. In one case, the author desired for us to receive 100% of the profits.

It's not a *huge* money maker but it has gotten our name out in the community, drummed up excellent PR, provides a much needed public service by keeping local works in print and meets our continual desire to promote literacy and the printed word.

Anyone wanting more details, please let me know! I'd be more than glad to share our model with you.