Backup Your Emergency Plan At the Georgia Archives

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MAY DAY - Backup Your Emergency Plan at the Georgia Archives
Participate in the Society of American Archivists' MayDay Disaster Preparedness Awareness Campaign and Help Save Your Archives by storing a backup copy of your emergency plan in the Georgia Archives' newly established Disaster Plan Bank.

You can store a paper copy of your current emergency or disaster preparedness plan in our secure, climate controlled vault. This free service is available to any Georgia not-for-profit institution, agency, or local government. The stored copy is intended to serve as a backup during an emergency if your plan is inaccessible. The Georgia Archives is aware of the confidential nature of the contents of an emergency plan, and will only release the plan to authorized persons from your institution.

To take advantage of this free service, complete and return the attached form along with a copy of your plan. If you have questions about the Disaster Plan Bank or would like additional information about this new program, please contact Elizabeth Barr at 678-364-3718 or

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