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Directors Meetings

May 10-11, 2012 [Peachtree City]

May 10, 2012 pt 1

(break at 1:35:30 to 2:00:15)
Welcome and Introductions
Lamar Veatch

Budget and Health Insurance
Lamar Veatch
Julie Walker

GPLS Partnerships
David Baker
Karen Paty, Director
Georgia Council for the Arts

May 10, 2012 pt 2

(break at 1:15:23 to 1:31:56)
(break at 2:50:40 to 3:05:00)
LSTA Five-Year Plan
Julie Walker

Public Library Standards
Committee Report
Susan White

GPLS Staff Reports
Alan Harkness
Elizabeth McKinney
Emily Almond
Nate Rall
Christopher Evans

Voices for Georgia’s Children
Polly McKinney, Advocacy Director
Voices for Georgia’s Children

RPLAC Report and Group Meetings/Elections
Anne Isbell

May 11, 2012

(start at 5:51)
(break at 1:39:06 to 1:46:16)
Welcome and Announcements
Lamar Veatch
Library Personnel Policies
Marti Minor, Senior Law Clerk
Honorable Charles A. Pannell, Jr.
U.S. District Court
Northern District of Georgia

Sunshine Laws
Stefan Ritter,
Senior Assistant Attorney General
Georgia Attorney General’s Office

Sept 16 2012

September 16, 2012 part 1 (St. Simons)
September 16, 2012 part 2 (St. Simons)

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