The Effect of Jon's Plan by Library Type

Attached to this post is a chart showing the effect of Jon's Plan on Urban Single, Rural Single, Urban Multi, and Rural Multi library sytems.

I was asked to submit the chart after I mentioned it at the directors' meeting last week. If I am wrong in my figures, please correct my math.


Effect of Jon's Plan by library type.pdf46.54 KB

Anne's posting

Thank you for posting.
I want to stress again that when this economic downturn subsides, we will be left with far fewer positions with this plan and no way to ever again be the leader in the profession. We can "sell" the idea of books, we can "sell" the need for M&O, but we will never ever be able to regain a professional position.
Regardless of what you think about the value of librarians vs. IT guys or bookkeepers, we need that trained professional as the intermediary between the public and the information available. The NYT this weekend had a good article about the value of technology--as a TOOL, not as the be all, end all.
I'd like to see GPLS take a strong look at what our future could be if we took the least objectionable measure--letting each system determine locally what cuts should be taken instead of one size fits all. My 10% cut might include aposition, but that's because after studying the local needs, we might want to keep our system going. Oh, and by the way, I think if we're not careful, statewide library service is going to take a serious nosedive!