Q & A: Monthly Pay

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Q: Okefenokee Regional Library: I have a payroll question....
How many of you have a monthly (as opposed to a bi-weekly) payday schedule?
How far in advance do you require time sheets to be turned in prior to payday?
How do you compensate for any chances in time between the deadline for time sheets and the actual payday?

Chattahoochee Valley Regional Library: Because we are part of the school district we have both monthly and bi-weekly pay days. Time sheets are due three days in advance of the pay day. If someone is then out, the time/pay is adjusted in the next pay period.

Jefferson County Library: Jefferson County is on a bi-weekly pay schedule. Time sheets are due on Monday following the last day of the pay period (for us Saturday).
The payroll is run and dated the Friday following the end of the pay period.
Because of the small staff, we rarely have any changes and time sheets are verified before going to the bookkeeper for payment.

Moultrie-Colquitt County Library: We are paid once a month. Employees check in & out using a computer software time system. Most employees are salaried, so their paycheck is the same each month. I print a report from the software for hourly employees 2 days before payday and send it to the accountant who does our bookkeeping so he has enough time to print the checks, get them signed & ready for distribution.

Sequoyah Regional Library: We have a monthly payday on the 26th of each month. Time sheets must be in by the 19th (one week before). If there are changes after that date, we compensate on the next pay check.

Fitzgerald Ben-Hill County Library: We pay monthly (between the 25th - 27th). We have a time clock so we print time reports on the day we run payroll and figure up the number of hours the person will work for the remainder of the month. If the person doesn't work the anticipated hours or works more, we make up the difference in the next payroll cycle. We only have 5 hourly workers, so this process only takes a few minutes for us.

Ohoopee Regional Library System: We are similar to Sandy -- We pay once monthly, usually between 25 - 27th of the month. We enter time worked as of the day of payroll being entered.
We enter only time worked because we received an audit finding for using estimated time for the rest of the month -- the auditors said you don't pay for time not worked -- even if you think they are going to work it.
Another audit finding for payroll we have received caused us to use an online time punch system, set to a specific IP address in each branch, in order to verify that the time reported on the payroll sheets submitted by the branches, was actual -- that is, the branch person was really in the branch.

Cherokee Regional Library: We have a monthly payday schedule. Our month runs from the 25th to the 24th. Timesheets are due in the business manager's office on the morning of the 25th. Doing it this way prevents us from having to project time. This gives our bookkeeper a few days to pay our employees before the end of the month. It usually hits everyone's bank account by the 28th of the month. Direct deposit is mandatory. We have around 32 employees.

Roddenbery Memorial Library: Now there's a good point--auditors!
We don't pay monthly, but when we have hourly people that could conceivably miss a few hours between time sheet completion and pay day; they are paid on a few days delay from when they worked. In other words, if payday is on the 15th, they are paid through the 10th and must have their time sheets completed up through the 10th. Thinking back, I'm sure that's for the same reason as Dusty mentioned.

Kinchafoonee Regional Library: Anticipating time to be worked really bothered me. We recently changed to holding back one half month of pay for part-time employees. They are still paid monthly at the same time as salaried employees, but their time sheet month runs from the 16th of one month to the 15th of the next month. This way the bookkeeper gets the completed and signed time sheet about a week before payroll is due.
When I worked at Griffin Tech in the late 90's they held back a whole month on part-time workers, so a new employee would not get his/her first paycheck for two whole months.