Twitters and Jitters in a "One World, One Library" Setting

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Journal entry from a GOLD/GALILEO Users Group Advisory Committee Representative -- Conference Musings -- June 22, 2008.

-- Susan Stephens, Director, Chattooga County Library, Summerville, GA

While watching an exchange student upload her digital photographs to a Chinese social Web site at my library, I reflected on what she had told me about public libraries in her native Taiwan. My, how libraries have changed in the last 15 years -- not only locally but globally!

Not only does our small-town library have the Internet now, but we provide Web and text browsers that permit our patrons to read in multiple languages. Folks from around the world, including Australia, Germany and England, contact us with reference questions. And we provide them - while also providing primary library services to our local citizens. Today, our citizens include people who are Chinese, Hispanic, and even a few who still take pride in "fighting the War of Northern Aggression."

The world is becoming smaller, people are becoming closer, and users are starting to view the services of multiple libraries as one.

In this "One World, One Library" setting, how do you decide your library's mission? What services are best to offer with limited staff and money? Do you need to blog, twitter, Facebook, Midomi, Flickr, tag or just jitter as you try to make up your mind? This is why I am looking forward to the GOLD/GALILEO Users Group Conference on August 1.

Practical, hands-on advice will be mine, and it will help me decide how to accomplish my library's goals from a variety of viewpoints - including those of catalogers, reference librarians, media specialists, public service librarians and directors. If you could use the same, don't miss this opportunity!

Check out this link for more details:

Regards – Susan

Susan Stephens
Chattooga County Library System
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