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Dear Friends and Gentle People -
I thought you all would be interested in knowing about several articles which have appeared recently in two non-library sources.

The first is from the Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs. Their article on Public Libraries and Community Development (attached) gives a variety of ideas about how libraries can play a role in supporting economic development efforts in local communities.

The second is from the International City/County Management Association (ICMA)
In 2007, ICMA formed an advisory committee aimed at building city and county managers' awareness of the critical role public libraries play in supporting community vitality and sustainability, as well as the important leadership role managers have in supporting libraries.
They have now published four articles which are attached:
1. Local Government Managers and Public Libraries: Partners for a Better Community. (Oct 2007)
2. Libraries: Partners in Sustaining Communities. (March 2008)
3. Welcome to the E-Government Library of the Future - Today. (April 2008)
4. Public-Private Partnership Saves Public Libraries, Avoids New Taxes. (May 2008)
This last one is about the installation in Jackson County, Oregon, of a private for-profit company to run the public library. Could your small library be run for profit?

Although these articles and the ICMA project have a definite larger~urban library tilt to them, there is some interesting information which could be adapted by our rural and/or smaller libraries. Perhaps we can encourage ICMA to consider a focus on smaller communities.

If there are articles or information about your library's support of local community economic development, I would urge you to share them with the Listserv. We learn best as we share our personal experiences with each other.

I would also appreciate hearing any comments from you about how ARSL can help fulfill its mission of being supportive to rural and small libraries.

Thank you again for your continuing support - Don

Donald B. Reynolds, Jr.
President, Association for Rural & Small Libraries
Director, Nolichucky Regional Library
315 McCrary Drive
Morristown, Tennessee 37814
423.586.7741 (fax)
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ICMA article (1) - Local Government Managersand Public Libraries - Oct07.pdf565.02 KB
ICMA article (2) - Libraries Partners inSustaining Communities - Mar08.pdf532.67 KB
ICMA article (3) - Welcome to the E-GovernmentLibrary of the Future - Today - Apr 08.pdf99.53 KB
ICMA article (4) - Public-Private PartnershipSaves Public Libraries Avoids New Taxes - May08.pdf90.78 KB
Ill Inst for Rural Affairs - Public Librariesand Community Development - Winter08.pdf702.05 KB