GOLD and GALILEO Celebrate Users First on August First - Let the Registration Begin!

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Registration for the 2008 GOLD/GALILEO Annual Users Group Conference
Opens TODAY! Explore and sign up at:

This year Georgia librarians can look forward to coming together as one,
as the GOLD/GALILEO Users Group Conference presents "One World One
Library: Working Together to Put the User First." In our zeal to embrace
a new collaborative style, we must aim for a single, user-centered
approach to service. Contributing to multiple user-experiences and
programs that earn the respect of our users is at the heart of our
evolution. All sessions spotlight how dynamic Georgia libraries are
using creative collaborations, emerging technologies and highly adaptive
communication styles, tools, and trends.

Come take advantage of the power of "One."

August 1, 2008
9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
UGA Center for Continuing Education Conference Center & Hotel
Athens, Georgia

"August's first Friday" -- Toni Z.

Toni Zimmerman
Director, Resource Sharing & Interlibrary Cooperation
Georgia Public Library Service
A Unit of the University System of Georgia
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Atlanta, GA 30345-4304
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