HeritageQuest Online FY09 Renewal - Need Response by May 2nd

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Two years ago, a core group of public library directors asked GPLS to
coordinate an affordable group subscription to HeritageQuest Online - giving
access to all public library systems through GALILEO. Each year we have
worked to lower the individual system pricing of the total HeritageQuest
group purchase. This price is now only $.008 per capita (using 2009
Household/CNI projected population) -- provided all library systems

Details on the FY09 HeritageQuest renewal are now available on a customized
GPLS Web page:

Here, each library system can select, review and agree to its respective
individual cost and view the distributed total pricing of $87,000. Each
public library system must submit its Web consent to renew HeritageQuest
Online by Friday, May 2, 2008.

Benefits of HeritageQuest Online Group Proposal:

- Research materials for tracing family history are available 24/7
- Parent company, ProQuest, sells only to public libraries. HeritageQuest
Online does not sell subscription to individuals.
- Households could pay as much as $35-$50 per year for a membership in a
State Genealogy Society that might include HeritageQuest access. Public
library systems need only to multiply their number of community households
times $35 to see what kind of advantage this group pricing structure offers.

I'll be glad to answer any additional questions you may have. Remember we
are in this "Quest" together.

Thanks - Toni Z.

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