GALILEO ProQuest Database Choices for Public Libraries (FY2009)

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Following GALILEO's announcement to all library participants and institutions that they will have the opportunity to choose among three ProQuest database packages for FY09, GPLS is pleased to follow-up with the Public Library community. These choices are being offered to you as part of the package that is paid for with state funds for public library databases. As many of you know, public libraries have subscribed to a group of databases from ProQuest. These choices affect access to the ProQuest package only, and no other databases. and HeritageQuest, which we obtain through ProQuest, are also not affected by these choices.

In order to give you an overview of the three package options, and to make selection by each Library Director as easy as possible, a customized web page with detailed links has been developed by Toni Zimmerman and Darin Givens. There are three packages from which to choose:

ProQuest Packages:
- Package A (current package)
Research Library
LION Reference Edition
National Newspapers 5
- Package B
Ethnic NewsWatch
LION Reference Edition
National Newspapers 5
- Package C
Atlanta Journal-Constitution--Current
National Newspapers 5

What does all of this mean? Here's a quick overview of my understanding of the choices; in-depth information can be accessed from the survey site.

The current package (what public libraries currently get as the ProQuest database bundle) is described as Package A, so you can choose this option if you wish no changes to the ProQuest offerings for your library system.

The second package (Package B) adds access to Ethnic News Watch, Gender Watch, and Alternative Press Watch, but loses access to ProQuest Research Library.

The third package (Package C) includes access to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, from 1990 to present, but loses access to ProQuest Research Library and LION Reference Edition (a literary database). I know that many of you have lost delivery access to the AJC during the past year, so this may be an attractive option for you.

Because we need your decision by April 1st (for access beginning July 1, 2008), I encourage you to begin your investigation now so that you do not feel rushed to meet that deadline. You may wish to share this information with other staff to assist in the decision-making process, but each library system will submit one choice for all system member libraries.

Toni will provide a reminder before the deadline, but please do not hesitate to contact her ( if you have questions or concerns.

To access the survey, which includes descriptions and trials for many of the database choices, please link to:

Please do feel free to contact Toni, Lyn Hopper, or me if you have questions or need help. Please submit your library system's survey (with your choice indicated) no later than April 1st.

Thank you.

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