GALSTEER Draft Minutes

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Draft Minutes
GALILEO Steering Committee
Henry County Public Library
Friday, February 8, 2008
10:00 AM – 11:20 AM

Attendees: Carol Bray, Susan Cooley, Charlene Hurt, Bill Potter, Lauren Fancher, Carolyn Fuller, Cynthia Henderson, Lynn Kelly, Tamera Lee, Joyce Mills, Merryll Penson, Kirsten Pylant, Gene Ruffin, Judy Serritella, Rachel Schipper, Jerry Stovall, Joan Taylor, David Tucker, Toni Zimmerman.

1) Welcome and Introductions (Lee)
Lee welcomed the group; there were no new attendees.

2) Approval of December 7, 2007 minutes (Lee)
The minutes were approved as submitted.

3) Report from the E-Collection Development Committee (Schipper)
Schipper reported on the various packages that were proposed by ProQuest on the basis of the reported interests of the communities. Three base options, including the existing package, were presented that are the same price as the expected FY09 costs of the existing package; libraries could elect to receive any of the packages and would need to communicate their decision by April 1 – libraries that do not communicate a choice would continue to receive the existing package. Three additional options were presented that exceed current expenditures. The Steering Committee determined that the packages that required increased expenditure would not be pursued. Penson will provide more information about the process for election of the three base packages following the meeting.

4) GALILEO Upgrade Update (Penson / Fancher)
The Scholar, Library, High School, and Teen interfaces became accessible in the GALILEO beta system in September and October. The implementation team has been working on addressing the issues identified during usability and beta testing. Some unforeseen problems arose as plans were made to move to production. This has delayed the launch of the new interfaces until sometime in March. Usability testing showed a need for additional work on the Kids interface, which is being revisited and may still be in a formative state when the new interfaces are officially launched.

The Courseware and Website Library Resource Integration (CWLRI) Working Group composed of librarians from the academic libraries has been meeting regularly to gather requirements for tools for the integration of library resources into online courseware and websites; their report is expected to be complete later in February, at which point implementation will begin.

5) Budget FY09 (Penson)
No information is available yet about the budget; proposals are still being reviewed at the state level.

6) Report from Executive Director (Penson)
a) Penson reminded the group that EBSCO costs would ramp up in FY09 according to schedule. Libraries will be able to opt out of LexisNexis. A trial for Campus Research is underway. Schipper will have the collection development committee review the products and provide information for decision-making for individual libraries. Information sessions on Campus Research will be available online later in February; pre-registration is not required. Penson distributed a handout of resources that are available via cost share. In addition she is getting pricing for Sage. She asked the group to let her know if there is interest in any other products. GALE is interested in making a proposal for FY10.

b) The DOE is very close to getting out an RFP for live homework help (online tutoring). GALILEO would provide an access point infrastructure for both K12 schools and public libraries as part of the program.

c) Penson discussed long term strategic planning for statewide budgeting for GALILEO. Various discussions have taken place regarding options for coordination among the educational agencies in order to better leverage the resources and services that GALILEO is providing.

d) The GALILEO staff has had discussions with staff and contributors to the National Science Digital Library ( about how GALILEO can make their content more accessible and some potential collaborative efforts.

d) An activities report was distributed. Printouts of a customized version of the ALA National Library Week poster with Julie Andrews and the GALILEO logo were distributed. GALILEO will use the poster somewhere on the GALILEO site during National Library Week.

7) Reports from the Library Communities
a.) AMPALS (Henderson)
AMPALS hasn’t met since December but are gathering enrollment information. They will meet in the spring. The Atlanta University Center Woodruff Library is having an exhibit on African-American baseball players.

No report.

c.) DOE (Serritella)
Serritella reported that staff changes continue. As previously reported, she is now in the Curriculum group. She is one of the two staff remaining on the RFP for online tutoring committee; they hope to get this out soon.

d.) GISA (Pylant)
They are trying to educate their institutions and increase participation for next year.

e.) DTAE (Stovall)
DTAE librarians met last week. Ron Jackson is now the permanent commissioner, having been interim. Their new name will be the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG). An issue of discussion at their meeting was the WebSense filtering software in use at Technical Colleges. The IT staff at each school has authority over the filtering decisions and which categories of content are allowed. The group hopes to advocate for a change in policy. Some technical colleges will be merged. They are also working on library instruction; they have a group working on a tutorial for access via Blackboard.

f.) GPLS (Zimmerman)
Reimbursements from the last quarter have been sent out. The holdings updating compliance mailing will go out in the end of February for completion later this Spring. The GOLD/GALILEO Advisory Committee is planning the GOLD/GALILEO Users Group Conference. Cliff Landis from Valdosta State will be the keynote speaker at the event, scheduled for August 1, 2008 at the Georgia Continuing Education Center in Athens. The committee is looking for suggestions for presenters and topics for the conference. GPLS is looking at renewal options for HeritageQuest and possibilities for providing access to the historical AJC. The GPLS strategic plan has been distributed in draft. Rollout plans will be available soon. The GPLS website has all of the information collected for the strategic plan available; one significant element of the plan is training. The Children’s Services Annual Conference (CSAC) took place February 4th; over 450 people attended. The Summer 2008 Vacation Reading Program was announced at CSAC. An international conference for Evergreen is being planned for November 2008. GPLS will participate in Library Day on February 14th.

g.) USG (Lee)
Lee reported on efforts to communicate the importance of information competencies in relationship to the core curriculum review process. RACL and the other academic committees have an opportunity to contribute. The RACL Spring meeting is scheduled for March 6-7. The theme is “The State of the Book.” Presentations will include industry representatives from Ovid and SOLINET. Other featured speakers will include Dr. Daniel W. Rahn, M.D., Sr. Vice Chancellor, Health and Medical Programs & President, Medical College of Georgia; David Singleton of GPLS; and Stan Byrdy, a local sports broadcaster, expert speaker on the Augusta National, and author of two books on the history of golf in Augusta. Books will be available for purchase at the meeting.

9. Next Meeting (Lee) – The next scheduled meeting date will be April 11, 2008 at 10:00 a.m. at the Henry County Public Library, McDonough, GA.

11. Adjourn