Baby Boomer library consumers

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January 27, 2008
"Many baby boomers contemplating retirement are looking for something besides a gated community in the Florida sunshine. After all, this is the generation that defied convention, and those attitudes extend to choosing a place to live once they complete their careers."

We in California are working on a baby boomers project called "Transforming Life after 50: Public Libraries and Baby Boomers" and we're learning all about what Boomers want . . . the area I've been assigned to look into is Baby Boomers and Volunteerism -- not only how to serve them, but how to engage them in helping us . . . Here's another excerpt from the above article:
"And those who move to rural areas are not exactly looking to sit on the front porch all day. Most are seeking some form of community involvement, whether it's a second career or volunteer work. In the Victorian fishing village of Reedville, Virginia, the Reedville Fishermen's Museum attracts dozens of highly skilled and experienced professionals, who lend their talents to the museum's wide-ranging projects."

If you'd like to see what nationally known Boomer expert, Matt Thornhill, talk about "Understanding Today's Boomer Library Consumer," feel free to watch the archived webcast he did for us last August.

Much more video will be archived soon from our December "Transforming Life After 50" Institute -- I'll forward that information when it's ready . . . Enjoy! Carla

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