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Draft Minutes
GALILEO Steering Committee
Henry County Public Library
Friday, December 7, 2007
10:00 AM – 11:40 AM

Attendees: Carol Bray, Laura Burtle for Charlene Hurt, Bill Clayton for Bill Potter, Lauren Fancher, Mary Jo Fayoyin, Carolyn Fuller, Leigh Hall, Cynthia Henderson, Lynn Kelly, Tamera Lee, Joyce Mills, Merryll Penson, Kirsten Pylant, Martha Reynolds, Steven Pruitt, Gene Ruffin, Judy Serritella, Rachel Schipper, Jerry Stovall, Joan Taylor, David Tucker, Darro Willey, Toni Zimmerman.

1) Welcome and Introductions (Lee)
Judy Serritella introduced Stephen L. Pruitt, Director of Academic Standards, to whom she is now reporting in the Curriculum and Instructional Services division of the Department of Education.

2) Approval of August 17, 2007 minutes (Lee)
The minutes were approved as submitted.

3) Report from Executive Director (Penson)
a) The 2007 GALILEO User Survey, conducted from November 6 to November 12, 2007, elicited 971 total, de-duplicated responses. An iPod drawing was promoted as an incentive for completing the survey. A preliminary report of the survey results has been prepared, with the final report planned for completion in January 2008. Penson conducted an activity to select the winner of the iPod, which was determined to be a faculty person at Georgia College and State University.

b) Penson distributed a Statement Concerning the Decision by the American Association for the Advancement of Science to Discontinue its Relationship with JSTOR from the International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC) for consideration of endorsement. The group agreed to endorse the statement.

c) Penson has been meeting with the leadership of the different participating communities to discuss database and operations resource fee increases. EBSCO’s pricing was established last year with the understanding that there would be significant increases in FY08, FY09, and FY10. The operations resource fee has included an additional cost factor for the past three years for the GALILEO Upgrade; this would be replaced with an equivalent increase in the base fee, with the net impact being to continue the same dollar amount. This would allow the continuation of the products used for the Upgrade and would help shore up existing operations and infrastructure. The operations resource fee would be revisited again in three years.

d) A meeting with the Ex Libris leadership is being arranged for early January.

d) An activity report was distributed at today’s meeting, including information about training and conferences.

4) GALILEO Upgrade Update (Fancher)
Fancher provided a brief demonstration and overview of the new user views.

The Phase II Community Customization Project completed initial prototyping and usability testing of the planned five user views in August. The Scholar, Library, High School, and Teen interfaces became accessible in the GALILEO beta system in September and October, with internal and institutional beta testing conducted in late October and early November. The implementation team has been addressing the interface issues identified in the usability testing process conducted by a usability consulting company. Significant usability issues uncovered with the Kid’s prototype have led to a total redesign process that is now underway. In addition, critical issues uncovered during internal and institutional beta testing are being addressed prior to the production release planned for the week of December 17, 2007.

Next steps for the GALILEO Upgrade include ongoing refinement of the user views and localization of SFX, implementation of MetaLib with the Scholar user view for the academic libraries, and a project to develop tools for the integration of library resources into online courseware and websites. The Courseware and Website Library Resource Integration (CWLRI) Working Group composed of librarians from the academic libraries is gathering requirements for the tools. Implementation work on MetaLib and CWLRI tools will begin in the second half of FY08.

5) Report from the E-Collection Development Committee (Schipper)
The E-Collection Development Committee has been reviewing the ProQuest offerings. They polled their constituent communities about their interests, and developed possible package combinations for which to get pricing from ProQuest. One possible outcome is that institutions might be able to choose between several packages.

6) Reports from Library Communities
a.) AMPALS (Henderson)
The group met in the fall. The focus of the meeting was the GALILEO fee increases, which were approved.

b.) GPALS (Reynolds)
The group met in November and discussed the GALILEO fee increases, which were approved. Southern Catholic College was approved as a new member for FY09. The group is talking about online reference packages such as Credo. The spring meeting will be held in April at Georgia Military College.

c.) DOE (Serritella)
Serritella has been moved from Technology Services to Curriculum. Serritella is familiarizing lead administrators Stephen Pruitt and Martha Reichrath about GALILEO, and will be participating in defining the role of GALILEO in the strategic plan. Pruitt attended today’s meeting as part of this transition in an effort to gain a greater understanding of GALILEO.

d.) GISA (Pylant)
The participation from GISA in GALILEO has increased about 30%, although some schools have dropped out. Some of the larger schools have not been interested.

e.) DTAE (Stovall)
The DTAE libraries have been working on resource-sharing options. They are collecting statistical information on DTAE libraries. Many are going from a COE accreditation to a COC accreditation, for which this information would be beneficial. They are also looking at developing an online library instructional unit for students.

f.) GPLS- (Zimmerman)
FY08 first quarter reimbursements were distributed in early November. GOLD libraries are to update their holdings by the end of December. The Pinnacle Leadership Institute program is incorporating twenty young library professionals and ten members. A year-long program, they will meet on an on-going basis while participants work on an individual project. The goal is to develop the next generation of library leadership. GPLS is conducting a strategic planning process. Feedback has been gathered through survey and focus groups. A committee of various stakeholders from within and without the public library administrative community has been working on a draft. Preliminary drafts will be available in early 2008. The Children’s Services Annual Conference will be on February 4, 2008 in Macon. The Children’s Conference has been augmented with a Teen Conference, held in Macon on this day. Evergreen’s one-year anniversary was on September 5th. Information about the software and the project has been sought after; over twenty presentations have been delivered around North America. An international conference devoted to Evergreen is in the works.

g.) USG – (Lee)
The Fall meeting was held in Athens at the OIIT. Highlights of the program included a review of leadership programs (Frye, Harvard, and Peabody), a presentation about a staff exchange development program, a presentation about the Valdosta Library program, and a presentation on the GALILEO Knowledge Repository.

9. Next Meeting (Lee) – The next scheduled meeting date will February 8, 2008 at 10:00 a.m. at the Henry County Public Library, McDonough, GA.

10. Other – no other business.

11. Adjourn