Sample Affidavit Forms for Closed Session in a Public Meeting

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I'm attaching three sample documents that are forms for making an affidavit confirming that the reason for having a closed session in a board meeting is one of the legally allowed reasons. In Lamar's letter he reminded us that the affidavit needs to be filed with the documents from the board meeting, and that it must be notarized. "Affidavit for Closed Session" is a model document provided by Lyn Hopper at GPLS. "Affidavit Supporting Closing..." is from Teresa Cole at Dougherty County Public Library. "Executive Session..." is from Stephen Whigham at Ocmulgee Regional Library.

Affidavit for Closed Session.doc29 KB
Affidavit Supporting Closing of Public Meeting 1-16-07.doc25.5 KB
Executive Session Closed Meeting Affadavit Regional.doc22.5 KB