GOLD Reimbursement and ILL Statistics 1st Qtr FY2008. Over $24,000 being Returned to Georgia Libs

Happy FALL and early WINTER GOLD Member Libraries,

1ST Quarter FY2008 ILL Borrowing and Lending Statistics are attached and the Reimbursement Payments for loan activity conducted from Jul-Sept 2007(either in the form of electronic transmission or paper checks) were dispatched as of Friday afternoon, November 2, 2007. For a complete list of amounts and recipients for the current quarter's activity please refer to the following URL which resides on the website of the Georgia Public Library Service

Attached in two excel files you will find all "GOLD to GOLD" and "GOLD to Non GOLD" Borrowing and Lending Activity Statistics that I have to date for FY2008. This should be a familiar format to the membership as I provide an update to these same files each quarter.

The first spreadsheet records "GOLD to GOLD" Loans and Borrows for the first quarter of FY08. During this quarter there were a total of 16,717 loans made to other GOLD libraries during this three month period. 16,515 of these loans were eligible for the GOLD reimbursement at $1.50 per loan. GOLD libraries that made 10 or more loans to other GOLD libraries using the OCLC system during this time period are eligible to receive the reimbursement. This payment is designed to help defray the postage costs that member libraries incur to loan materials to other GOLD members.

There were 117 GOLD members who qualified during the first quarter so this means that $24,772.50 is in the process of being returned to Georgia Libraries. To find the number of loans your library made to other GOLD libraries during the 1st quarter simply access the GOLD Borrows Loans FY08.xls spreadsheet (attached) and look for the column heading entitled:

1st Qtr. FY2008 LOANS (Jul-Sept 07)

Scan down the left hand side of this spreadsheet to find your institution name. At the intersection between your institution name row and the 1st Qtr "LOANS" column you will find the number of loans that your institution made to other GOLD libraries. If that number is 10 or greater, then multiply that number times $1.50 and you will have the reimbursement amount that is on its way.

The "BORROWS" column to the right of the LOANS column will give you the number of loans you requested from other GOLD libraries during the quarter.

The loan activity is about 2% above last quarter's activity closeout! What a great way to start out the new Fiscal Year!

The 2nd spreadsheet has a similar layout to the first but this one records GOLD Loans "TO" and Borrows "FROM" NON-GOLD Libraries. This loan activity is not eligible for reimbursement. If I were in an individual library and managing these statistics I would want to set up a merged spreadsheet for my own institution so I could see the columns for the number of "GOLD to GOLD Loans" and the number of "GOLD to NON GOLD Loans" right next to each other. The same would be true for Borrowing so I could see the number of "GOLD to GOLD Borrows" next to the column that records the number of "GOLD to NON GOLD Borrows" indicating whether or not you are using GOLD to its best advantage. The "net lending" figure is given simply as an on-going measure of your lending to borrowing ratio. Libraries DO NOT have to have a positive net loan figure in order to qualify for the GOLD reimbursement.

As promised, I will continue to give you statistics that will update this spreadsheet each quarter once I have concluded the figures necessary to request the GOLD reimbursement. The 2nd quarter of FY08 activity runs from October through December 07. Hope this helps!

What a joy it is to be of service to Georgia Libraries. As always, questions and concerns are welcome. Thanks -- Toni Z.

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