PINES 2016 Annual Patron Satisfaction Survey

The 12th annual PINES User Satisfaction Survey was conducted between April 17-23, 2016. Users entering the PINES online catalog, whether at a library workstation or from a remote home or office computer, had the opportunity to complete the survey during this time. In seven days, 1,697 users answered our questions.

New GPLS Org Chart

The newest Org Chart for GPLS Staff, from March 2016, is now online:

This is also linked from the About Us web page:

Voter registration rules and resources for public libraries

Voter registration rules and resources for public libraries on the Secretary of State's website.

From the Election Connection site, click the "public libraries" link, and you'll see powerpoint presentations for both PINES and non-PINES libraries that describe the steps you are required to follow.

This link offers information on how to order or download the necessary forms:

Sample Evaluation Forms and FAQs

We're collecting sample forms for staff and director evaluations and posting them here:

Also see the FAQ's below...

FAQ'a about the evaluation forms from State Librarian Julie Walker

I've had several questions regarding the requirement for evaluations for those positions reimbursed by the state grant, and wanted to share responses with all.

1. Is the 3% increase a one-time allocation, or will it be added to the base?
A: The 3% is intended to be added to the base salary, and is on-going.

FY 2016 GOLD Stats

The borrowing statistics for GOLD, FY 2016, have been updated:

Expanded E-Rate resource online

GPLS has expanded its coverage of all things E-rate. For E-Rate resources and links to contacts for use by Georgia libraries, please see the E-Rate section of the Georgia Libraries Tech Center site:

Documents from December 2015 Directors Mtg online

You can now download presentations from the December 2015 Directors Meeting in Savannah. Go to this page for the links, which include the Marti A. Minor presentation:

Documents from Sept 2015 Directors Meeting Online

You can now view documents from the September 16-18 Public Library Directors Meeting online here:

Collection of Marti A. Minor Legal Documents

You can now see Marti A. Minor's documents on library legal issues in one place:

These materials are provided as general information only. No legal advice is being given by the Georgia Public Library Service, the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, or any other person. You should consult with your attorney on all legal matters.

December 2014 Directors Meeting Documents

Documents from the December 2014 Directors Meeting in Savannah are now online. Go to the Public Library Info page on the GPLS website and look for the "Directors Meeting Documents" links. You can find a full archive of materials from past meetings there as well.

Included on the page linked below is Marti Minor's Presentation: Employer/Employee Relations

Here is a direct link to the one for Dec., 2014:

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