Draft minutes GALSTEER 8/18/07

Draft Minutes
GALILEO Steering Committee
Henry County Public Library
Friday, August 17, 2007
10:00 AM – 12:45 AM

Attendees: Carol Bray, Susan Cooley, Lauren Fancher, Carolyn Fuller, Leigh Hall, Cynthia Henderson, Lynn Kelly, Tamera Lee, Joyce Mills, Merryll Penson, Bill Potter, Kirsten Pylant, Martha Reynolds, Gene Ruffin, Judy Serritella, Rachel Schipper, Joan Taylor, David Tucker, Darro Willey, Toni Zimmerman.

1) Welcome and Introductions (Bray for Lee)
The group introduced themselves.

2) Approval of June 8, 2007 minutes (Bray for Lee)
The minutes will be distributed for approved via the listserv.

3) Report from Executive Director (Penson)

a) A reorganization of the OIIT is in progress. Goals include creating focuses on operations and services. Tom Maier has been named as permanent Vice Chancellor and CIO for the Office of Information and Instructional Technology after a year of serving in an interim capacity. Searches are currently underway for additional executive positions. The Library Services group will be part of an overall services division reporting to Associate Vice Chancellor for Services, Dr. Kris Biesinger. Discussion is still evolving about the final configuration and approaches.

b) GALILEO staff are participating in an online dialogue with librarians and educators in other states about the challenges of delivering services to today’s users. Three virtual libraries from Georgia (GALILEO), Maine (Marvel), and New York (NOVEL) have participated in sharing their experiences. It has been an interesting process both in terms of the technology used to bring the group together and in terms of the information being shared.

c) Penson asked Judy Serritella to speak about the online tutoring initiative the governor has sponsored for the DOE. Kansas, Alabama, and Florida have done similar programs. An RFP will be prepared with a goal of having something selected for approval by the State Board. A committee will begin discussing the project, including representation from various departments at the DOE, Serritella, Penson from GALILEO, and Lamar Veatch from GPLS.

d) An activity report was distributed at today’s meeting, including information about training and conferences.

4) GALILEO Upgrade Update (Fancher and Hall)
Fancher and Leigh Hall of Chattahoochee Technical College presented on the GALILEO Upgrade. Hall, a member of the Community Customization Working Groups, presented on the process the Working Groups conducted to develop the interface and resource requirements and usability tests for the interfaces. The Phase II Community Customization Project is in the process of prototyping and usability testing the planned five user views according to the recommendations of the requirements-gathering stage. Plans call for the new interfaces to be accessible in the GALILEO demonstration system later this summer, followed by beta rollout in parallel with the existing system.

The MetaLib Pilot Project Team has completed their pilot; a report of their findings is being finalized and planning is underway for the next phase.

Find It (SFX) linking and A-Z list services in GALILEO can now be localized with GALILEO institutions’ local resources. As part of year two of the GALILEO upgrade, the process has been piloted with a number of institutions and will now become a production service. Several steps are required, including:
- Sharing information about the institution's online resources through a permanent web-based workspace
- Communicating with vendors
- Configuring the resources (GALILEO will do this based on the information provided)
- Testing configured resources

Interested institutions should submit a request to GALILEO via the Contact Us link located in the top right corner of the GALILEO Homepage.

The Courseware and Website Integration Project will kick-off in September.

5) Costs Beyond the Upgrade (Penson)
All institutions pay a resource fee for support of GALILEO in addition to database fees. The funding source for the resource fees varies by community and within particular communities the formula for apportionment is calculated on a different basis. The resource fee covers the technical, support, and project staff, servers, maintenance, and operational overhead. Many related expenses are absorbed by the Board of Regents, the University of Georgia, project partners, and LSTA funding. Emerging needs include retention of existing technical staff, recruitment of new staff, backup and knowledge for existing staff, equipment, discovery tools, staff/tools to help integrate resources with the curriculum – Georgia Performance Standards, lesson plans, activities, course management software, etc. The resource fee has not been increased since the beginning of GALILEO. Enrollment increases have helped cover cost increases, particularly for the USG. DTAE’s enrollment increased but then dropped almost 20,000. The private colleges have been about the same and the public libraries have increased slightly. The GALILEO Upgrade was initially funded through additional fees pro-rated over a three-year period, paid by the participating institutions; however, some ongoing expense will be associated with the new features provided by licensed software and vendor services. Penson posed the question of how to cover these costs and interests in the future. Continuation of the upgrade fee would be an approach to provide additional funding to close the gap as well as some funding for new development. Pending discussions with other agency partners could lead to other avenues. Any recommendation would require review by the agencies.

The group discussed the situation. Many agreed that continuation of the Upgrade fee would be a good approach. The impact might be different for each community. Another option would be to increase the resource fee; Penson clarified that to meet the base need, the fee would increase approximately 33%, but without the extra that would accrue from continuation of the Upgrade fee. The group talked about other ideas, including marketing, sponsorships, endowments, and advertising.

Penson proposed that a small group of the GALILEO agency and consortia representatives be organized to discuss strategies and develop approach for advocating for funding.

6) Report from the E-Collection Development Committee (Schipper)
The group is looking at the ProQuest CSA products. A demonstration has been organized for September 21 from 10-12 at the Henry County Library. Schipper requested feedback from the group about interests. Lee recognized the appointment of Cynthia Henderson to the committee. Tammy Sugarman will be investigating SOLINET’s Oxford University Press offerings.

7). Report from the GOLD/GALILEO Users Group Meeting (Zimmerman)
The conference occurred on August 3. Presentations have been loaded to the conference page. The post-conference survey has been distributed. Record-setting attendance hit 334.

8). Reports from library communities
a.) AMPALS (Henderson)
AMPALS hasn’t met. Henderson reported on two interesting exhibits at Morehouse School of Medicine.

b.) GPALS (Reynolds)
The fall meeting will be in November at the Art Institute of Atlanta.

c.) DOE (Serritella)
The DOE is working on the budget.

d.) GISA (Pylant)
Participation has increased this FY. People are looking forward to the new interfaces.

e.) DTAE (Hall for Stovall)
The DTAE Library Council has not met; their next meeting is at COMO.

f.) GPLS- (Zimmerman)
Zimmerman reported that GOLD reimbursement checks will go out in September. Two new staff people have joined GPLS: Diana Very, Director of LSTA, Research & Statistics and Tim Daniels, PINES Program Manager. The Coweta County Public Library System has become the new 59th regional library. Twenty participants have been selected for the PINNACLE Leadership Program. (Public Library Initiative for New and Creative Leadership Education). They will meet throughout 2007-2008, receiving instruction on a variety of topics of interest to library leadership.

g.) USG – (Lee)
The Library 2.0 group has been looking at the Online Learning Center Tutorial. They will be discussing options with the Advanced Learning Technologies group of the Board of Regents, which had assisted with the original development as a resource for E-Core students.

9. Next Meeting (Lee) – The next scheduled meeting date will December 7, 2007 at 10:00 a.m. at the Henry County Public Library, McDonough, GA.

10. Other – no other business.

11. Adjourn