GALILEO Upgrade Status Report 081707

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Text of GALILEO Upgrade Status Report in Case URL doesn't work

Toni Zimmerman
Director, Resource Sharing & Interlibrary Cooperation
Georgia Public Library Service
A Unit of the University System of Georgia
1800 Century Place, Suite 150
Atlanta, GA 30345-4304
Phone: (404) 235-7129
Fax: (404) 235-7201

Here is the text of the GALILEO Stakeholder Upgrade Report dated August 17, 2007. Community Customization section is of particular interest.

Status Date: August 17, 2007

Project Objective
The objective for the project is to enhance usability and ease of access for users by providing more intuitive searching, interfaces that are customized for each user community, enhanced resource management capabilities, cross-database searching opportunities, linking among GALILEO resources, access to GALILEO content and features from other websites, and enhanced opportunities for user personalization. For details see project scope document located on the project Website. (

Project Schedule Status by Sub-Projects – Weeks 98-102/156
Sub-project phases – planning, design, development, testing, implementation, production
Phase I: Completed August 2006

Phase II: Begun September 2006; wrapping up August 2007
• Overall Project – planning for Phase II complete
• Communications Phase II – communication planning for Beta and production release of community customizations underway
• Community Customizations – requirements-gathering completed; reports in progress; prototyping / design in progress; development in progress; usability testing in progress; final development will continue into Phase III with beta release in parallel with production via preview link (Scholar: week of September 1; Kids, Teen, High School, Public Library: week of September 24-week of October 1, 2007); production release planned for week of December 17, 2007.
• SFX Localization: planning complete, pilot complete, prototyping complete, in production August 8, 2007.
• MetaLib Pilot – scope complete, kickoff complete; planning complete; training complete; project complete; report being finalized. Next phase planning in progress.
• Courseware and Website Integration – planning in progress; initial participants identified; will continue into Phase III.

Phase III: Planning underway, will begin September 2007

Significant Accomplishments Since Last Report
Phase II:
• Overall Project - Two online Quick Search/Find It Orientations were conducted in June and July. Community Customizations Project and new interfaces presented at the GOLD/GALILEO User’s Group Meeting in June.
• Community Customizations – Based on functional requirements gathered by working groups, new interfaces for the GALILEO communities have been prototyped and revised in ongoing usability testing process, including user interviews regarding the user flow model and terminology. Completed usability training for usability subteams and GALILEO staff. Task-based user-testing with benchmark users now underway with usability consultant. Coordination of development and integration with SFX, WebFeat, and library catalogs in progress. Release schedule planned.
• MetaLib Pilot – conducted overall project team meeting identify concerns, questions, suggestions, institutional deadlines and dependencies; conducted weekly project team meetings, kicked-off Resource Exploration, Technical Exploration and User Interface subteam working groups; installed software; created functional proof-of-concept; identified strategies for consortial management of resources; indentified gaps in knowledge base; worked with X-Server api functionality; talked with experts at other institutions; drafted report of findings.
• SFX Localization – finalized web-based workspace for sharing information about local resources for inclusion in SFX/ Find It; released to production. Early response has been very positive; seven libraries have initiated information process in first week.

Outstanding Issues, Possible Resolutions & Decisions Needed
• None

Upcoming or Recent Events
• Beta release of GALILEO Scholar will be available via a preview link during the first week of September. The final schedule will be announced to the GALILEO list in advance.
• Upcoming sessions on GALILEO Quick Search and Find It are scheduled on August 28 and September 25. To register to attend one of these sessions, please send an e-mail message to indicating which session you wish to attend.

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