Charge Cards

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We all got a flyer from ALA a few months ago, saying that First National Merchant Services was their charge card service provider, and that we could get low prices from First National as a result of their relationship.

I compared that with what our local bank offered, and we are going with the ALA deal. The rates for Visa and MasterCard transactions were lower. Our local folks wanted either $700 outright for the machine or $22.50 per month rental. Also the locals had a $7.50 monthly statement fee. With FNMS the machine is free, including telephone software diagnosis and overnight shipping on replacements in case of a mechanical malfunction. Swap-out for updated equipment is included, and there's no monthly statement fee.

I commented that the prices were good, and the rep said that was because of the deal we had through ALA.

I didn't compare the rates for transactions using American Express, Discover, etc. but by that time I had heard enough. I just thought anyone else who is considering this kind of service might want to know what we decided and why.