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The Effect of Jon's Plan by Library Type

Attached to this post is a chart showing the effect of Jon's Plan on Urban Single, Rural Single, Urban Multi, and Rural Multi library sytems.

I was asked to submit the chart after I mentioned it at the directors' meeting last week. If I am wrong in my figures, please correct my math.


Handouts for Sept. 2010 Directors Meeting

I'll post handouts for the September 2010 Directors Meeting (and other meeting information) here as they become available:

RPLAC - Alma Budget meeting highlights - 8/17 - 8/19/2010

In the interest of moving forward, but knowing that many are interested in these documents prior to the Sept 2010 director's meeting, I've attached as many as are currently readily available.

RPLAC documents

These are the plans that RPLAC wishes you to review. Everyone should spend some time with these and bring your own printed copies of them. Please remember that these are drafts are are not the final version of any recommendation to GPLS as yet

- Alan





Media Files of Marti Minor's Legal Presentation

The media files of Marti Minor's 'Legal Issues in Georgia's Public Libraries' presentation from the May 2010 Directors Meeting are now available online. Marti Minor is Senior Clerk for a federal judge in Atlanta.

>> Go to the media files

These materials are provided as general information only. No legal advice is being given by the Georgia Public Library Service, the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, or any other person. You should consult with your attorney on all legal matters.

Affirmation of Your Tax-Exempt Status

(from Christopher Evans at GPLS)

Greetings Directors and Library Friends,

There have been many questions about Tax exempt status. Tracy Arner has provided the below from the IRS website.

Affirmation of Your Tax-Exempt Status

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