Is the library responsible for kudzu that is invading a neighbor's yard?

Original Question: Sorry to ask what is probably a silly question on a Friday afternoon, but the owner of some property adjacent to the library has called to complain that our kudzu is overtaking her yard. Are we legally responsible for keeping her yard trimmed? Any advice would be most welcome.

Respondent: I cannot cite the GA Code for this so my response won't be definitive enough for Gary, but I can tell you from experience that FEMA regulations state that after a storm whatever is on your property is your problem -- be it the neighbor's roof, chicken coop, tree or kudzu.

Not Borrowed or Blue but Something New - Resource Exchange At the GOLD/GALILEO Conference 2007

Resource Exchange
At The GOLD/GALILEO Annual User’s Group Conference 2007- August 3, 2007

In the spirit of resource sharing, we are encouraging participants of this year's GOLD/GALILEO Conference to share examples of the various user education resource tools employed in their libraries. Resource examples include a wide variety of materials and can exist in many formats, including teaching and finding aids, promotional flyers and pamphlets, digital resources, customized library wikis and blogs, and bibliographic instruction materials.

RFP for Banking Services

Several libraries in the Blackbaud Accounting Alliance have requested samples of RFPs sent out for banking services. I thought it might be helpful to have it available to all who might need it.

Got Library 2.0 Curiosity Georgia Libraries? Join Us in Athens on August 3rd to Find Out what It's All About!

It's curiouser and curiouser Georgia Libraries!

I'll bet the average library staff member did not know that Lewis
Carroll defined the social networking needs of our users as early as
1865. Listen to the opening words of his now classic work that expresses
Alice's no-nonsense attitude about "just plain text".

"Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the
bank, and of having nothing to do: once or twice she had peeped into the
book her sister was reading, but it had no pictures or conversations in


Board of Education Funding for Public Libraries in Georgia (Dec. 2005 Memo)

Attached is a December 2005 memo on Board of Education funding for Georgia Public Libraries.




July 8, 2007

A Hipper Crowd of Shushers

ON a Sunday night last month at Daddy’s, a bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, more than a dozen people in their 20s and 30s gathered at a professional soiree, drinking frozen margaritas and nibbling store-bought cookies. With their thrift-store inspired clothes and abundant tattoos, they looked as if they could be filmmakers, Web designers, coffee shop purveyors or artists.


Indeed, Mr. DeMille, GOLD and GALILEO are READY for their Close-up! - ATHENS IN AUGUST 2007

Headline: Not-To-Be Missed Conference Event of the Season Approaches

It's hot! It's as sizzling as Georgia in the summertime - And it's time is now!

It's the 18th Annual GOLD/GALILEO Users Group Conference:

Library Collaboration 2.0: It's All About the Joy of Use!

Susan Lemme, Chair of the 2007 GOLD/GALILEO Users Group Advisory Committee, says "This year's conference is the best deal going for continuing education, keeping current on the changing world of information services and delivery, and networking with colleagues."

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